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City Trans Ukraine 2017

City Transport in Ukraine: Important Facts

The EU-Ukraine Association Agreement came into force on 1 January 2016. This agreement provides implementation of the European legislation and standards in transport industry. As a result of the decentralization process, budgets being at the disposal of local authorities have increased by 40%. Ukrainian regions obtained possibility to involve additional financing for own development programs.

The Global Fuel Economy Initiative is one of the new initiatives announced by the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine. It is focused on support of eco-friendly transportation, electric vehicles and related infrastructure production, creation of appropriate conditions for the use of such transport in the country.

According to the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine, electric transport is in operation in 40 cities: 2 646 tramcars, 3 736 trolleybuses, 1 927 km of tram tracks (177 routes); 4 412 km of trolley lines (405 routes). Annually over 2 billion passengers use services of municipal electric transport (trolleybuses, trams).

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Exhibition News

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The «E-ticket» system will be launched in Kharkiv by the end of 2017 starting with trolleybuses and trams and then connected to the existing metro system.

On the 21 of December 2017 Kharkiv city administration approved an investment agreement in order to apply E-ticket in urban electric transport.


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Mykolayiv city authorities promote implementation of e-ticket in public transport. Such innovation allows to count passenger volume precisely, to optimize public transport routes and to keep count of privileged passengers.

After the presentation city administration specialists will prepare a technical task, required to implement e-ticket system. The next step would be an open tender.


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Controlled fleet movement according to the schedule, modern smart bus-stops, proper work of mobility operators, their motivation to serve privileged groups of passengers. All mentioned points are parts of the progressive program offered by Stryzhakov Municipal Agency (Zhitomir) on the basis of successful experience in other cities. Project authors mention that the cost of the program is dozen times lower then funding assigned in 2017 to public transport. As a result citizens finally will have high quality passenger transportation service.


This system was already successfully applied in seven Ukrainian cities, currently Chernihiv joined the program. The company will furnish public transport with all necessary devices, namely with GPS equipment.  Consequently, both passengers and city authorities will see where certain passenger minivan, bus or trolleybus is located. This information will be available on the screens at smart bus stop or in smart-phone or co [ ... ]